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c3IDE provides quality of life improvements when developing addons for construct 3. The tool comes with auto completion, a built in web server to host and test your files. and lots of work flow improvements to help develop addons faster.  

Documentation : HERE

c3IDE is open source :  Github

If you have any issues or feature request you can submit them through Github Issues


  • Addon boilerplate creation (Plugins/Behaviors/Effects)
  • JSON/JavaScript auto completion
  • Format JSON/Javascript 
  • Easily Add and Manage ACES and Parameters 
  • Global find and replace 
  • Built in web server to host addons
  • Basic validation in place to help prevent common errors
  • Multiple Themes 
  • Final C3Addon zip creation
  • Recompile on save to improve workflow   
  • Automatic updates when new features are added
  • C3Addon file import (Experimental)
  • C2 Addon to C3 Runtime Conversion helper (Import) (Very Experimental)
  • Javascript Code Folding
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This is great, I love it. Thanks for making this!

Thanks for this usefull tool. I have a question with using external Library JS/CSS.

Which settings is suitable? inline or exteral/DOM...? I could not use JS Library (always get undefined function..)


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Hi, there is a weird error in the C3IDE editor that happens by exporting the plugin:

this is how it looks in the editor:

    Acts.prototype.Test1 = async function()

and this is how it looks in the addon:

    Acts.prototype.Test1 = async


Please fix it, thanks :D

Deleted 2 years ago

This tool does not have any type of malware, full source code is available here https://github.com/armandoalonso/c3IDE , others have had similar issue with the virus scan treating it as a false positive https://github.com/armandoalonso/c3IDE/issues/34 https://github.com/armandoalonso/c3IDE/issues/50

Deleted 2 years ago

how use this tool with imac 

unfortunately it's windows only sorry

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I use c3IDE with Parallels on Mac and it works great. I use nodemon on mac to create a dev addon server which I can point at the Parallels (Windows) c3IDE compile directory to serve the add on in developer mode, very smooth for dev. Let me know if you need help.


Awesome tool thank you!


This is a great tool for Construct plugin and effect development, I've developed multiple plugins and effects using the tool and it's really streamlined what used to be a tedious and error-prone process. Don't forget to use Construct developer mode and the built in c3IDE webserver to allow for fast iterations of your new plugin with construct.

I am studying using the tool. Could I contact you via somehow to get guidance (I made one addon myself)?


I am not the developer, I suggest starting a new comment to the developer directly.